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Toyota Carina ED Headlight Bulb Replacement Guide
A pictures illustrated step by step instruction guide for replacing a burnt out headlight bulb in a 1993-1998 Toyota Carina ED.

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This vehicle maintenance guide was specifically written to assist owners of the 1993 to 1998 Toyota Carina ED third generation ST200 series sedan in swapping out a faulty headlight or "headlamp" light bulb with a new one. Owners of other similar Toyota cars from the 1990's or early 2000's may also find this guide to be useful. Some of the similar automobiles include the Toyota Carina, Corona, MR2, Celica, Corolla, Camry, and Avensis. Please proceed with caution at your own risk.
1994 Toyota Carina ED

Headlamp Assembly

Hood Opened

We purchased this 1994 Toyota Carina ED at the beginning of our trip through New Zealand in January 2010.

The car came from the dealer with a new "Warrant of Fitness" or "WOF", which ensured us that the major mechanical parts and safety features of the car were in good working order.

Now, a few months later, I discovered that the driver side headlight bulb has burned out. I removed the old bulb and visited the local Repco Auto Parts store to purchase a replacement.

The old part is a Narva 48881 H4 12V 60/55W combination low and high beam bulb.

The new bulb is a Mech Pro H4 Halogen Globe MPH4 12V 60/55W P43T. The H4 is also known as the # 9003.

No tools of any kind are necessary for this procedure.

Light Bulb Access Port
Unscrewing Collar Nut
Plastic Collar Nut Removed
The first step for replacing the headlight bulb in a 1993-1998 Toyota Carina ED is to open the hood.

Then examine the rear of the headlight assembly.

There are two large black plastic collar nuts on the back of the assembly.

One is for the signal light bulb near the outer edge of the assembly, and the other closer to the center of the car is for the combination low/high beam headlight bulb.

Wiggling Out Power Plug
Power Connector Removed
Tugging Dust Boot Tab
To access the headlight bulb, first turn the large black plastic collar nut about 1/2 turn in the counter clockwise direction until it can be easily removed.

Next, gently jiggle and pull the power plug off the bulbs metal prongs.

Then pull the small tab on the rubber dust cover and remove it.

Rubber Dust Boot Removed
Headlight Bulb Power Prongs
Squeezing Retaining Clip
After the dust cover is removed, pinch the two arms of the metal retaining clip towards each other and allow the arms to freely pivot towards the bottom of the assembly.
Retaining Clip Lowered
Removing Headlamp Bulb
Low Beam Burned Out
Now that the retaining clip has been lowered, you can gently pull out the old headlight bulb from inside the headlamp assembly.

If you examine the picture of the old bulb closely, you can see that the metal wire connection for the low beam element is burned out and the connection is broken.

Narva 48881 H4
12V 60/55W Low/High Beam
New Mech Pro Halogen H4
I took the old burned out headlight bulb with me to auto parts store, to ensure that I purchased the correct replacement part.
Holding New Headlight Bulb
Headlight Bulb Socket
Inserting New Light Bulb
When handling the new headlight bulb, be sure to use a paper towel or gloves.

Any oil or grease on the glass bulb can shorten its life.

The new H4 bulb has three metal tabs around the outer edge of the metal ring.

It can only be inserted into the headlight assembly one way.

It should slide in easily and fit securely into the headlight socket.

(If necessary, the 9003 bulb should also be compatible.)

New Bulb In Place
Raising Retaining Clip
Retaining Clip Snapped In
When the new bulb is in the socket, raise the metal retaining clip and pinch the two arms towards each other.

With the arms pinched together, snap them into place against the metal ring around the headlight bulb.

Re-Installing Dust Boot
Rubber Dust Cover In Place
Lining Up Power Plug
Then push the rubber dust cover back into place around the headlight bulb socket, push the power plug connector onto the headlight bulb's three prong metal plugs, and twist the black collar nut on.

The black plastic collar nut only requires a 1/4 to 1/2 turn to secure it in place on the grey plastic headlamp assembly.

Dusting Off Power Connector
Three Prong Power Plug
Power Plug Pushed On
Double check that the power plug and black collar nut are securely in place before testing out the new headlight bulb.

If for some reason the new headlight bulb does not work, try cleaning the power plug, check the wires for damage, and check the fuse box.

Twisting On Collar Nut
Collar Nut Secured
New Headlight Bulb Works
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