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2005 Toyota Corolla S For Sale - Broward County, Florida
25,000 Miles, 6 CD Disc Changer, Spoiler, Fog Lights, Tinted Windows, Alloy Wheels, Power Windows/Locks, Warranty

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6 Year 80,000 Mile Gold Plus Warranty - Transferable To New Owner
(Se Habla Espanol)

Taken Off The Market - No Inquiries Please

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2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-001 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-002 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-003
This 2005 Toyota Corolla is practically brand new inside and out.

I have meticulously maintained it and have complete service records.

It has been washed almost every week, waxed and almost always garage kept at both home and work.

Most of the 25,000 miles on the car were at cruise control on the highway.

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2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-004 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-005 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-006
VIN Number For Report -   Removed (Car Sold)
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-007 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-008 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-009

Easy financing & ownership transfer done by Sun Trust Bank, the lien holder on our car.

We can go together to a Sun Trust location close by, get you approved for financing and complete the sale quickly.

2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-010 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-011 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-012
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-013 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-014 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-015
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-016 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-017 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-018
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-019 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-020
Alloy Wheels
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-022 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-023 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-024
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-025 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-026 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-027
Automatic Transmission
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-028 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-029
25,137 Miles
Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-032 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-033

Engine & Car Are Completely Stock - No Modifications Were Made Except For Window Tinting.

2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-034 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-035 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-036

Fog Lights
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-038 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-039
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-040 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-041 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-042
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-043 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-044 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-045
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-046 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-047 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-048
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-049 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-050 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-051
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-052 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-053 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-054
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-055 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-056 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-057
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-058 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-059 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-060
2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-061 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-062 2005-Toyota-Corolla-For-Sale-063

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