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Toyota Sienna Rear Window Wiper Blade Replacement Guide
How to change the rear windshield window wiper blade on a 3rd generation 2011 to 2016 Toyota Sienna minivan.

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Wiper Arm In Down Position
Raise Wiper Arm Off Window
This automotive maintenance tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the third generation (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and also the updated 2015 & 2016 model years) Toyota Sienna minivan in changing the rear windshield window wiper blade.

Owners of other Toyota vehicles with a similar rear window wiper such as the FJ Cruiser, Venza, Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia, RAV4 and Land Cruiser, may also find these DIY instructions to be helpful.

The original OEM rear window wiper blade size in inches is 16" long.

Some compatible replacement new aftermarket 16" blades with their part numbers are as follows: Trico 16-A, Anco AR-16A, Bosch H409, Michelin 9516, Toyota 85242-08020 and Rain-X R16A.

No tools are needed to replace the rear wiper blade.

Rotate Blade Away From Arm
Pop Blade Out of Bracket
The first few steps are to sit in the driver's seat, turn the ignition key to the "On" (accessory) position, but do not start the engine, and activate the rear window wiper.

Watch the wiper in the rear view mirror and when you see the wiper arm facing straight down, quickly turn the ignition key to the "Off" position.

Move to the outside of the rear window and gently lift the wiper arm off the window.

Rotate the wiper blade away from the wiper arm until it is almost perpendicular.

Gently pop the mounting bar in the center of the wiper blade out of the "C" shaped socket at the end of the wiper arm.

Wiper Arm On Rear Window
Line Up Wiper Mount Bar & "C" Socket
Gently rest the wiper arm down on the window. The plastic arm shouldn't cause any damage to the glass, but you may choose to place a towel between them to protect the window.

I recommend buying the genuine OEM Toyota 85242-08020 rear wiper blade.

Line up the mounting bar in the center of the new wiper blade with the "C" hinge socket at the end of the wiper arm.

Pop New Blade On Arm
Rotate New Blade Parallel
Hold the new wiper blade at almost a perpendicular angle to the wiper arm.

Gently pop the mounting bar in the center of the blade in to the "C" socket at the end of the wiper arm.

Then rotate the new blade until it is flush (parallel) against the wiper arm. Make sure that the new blade is securely attached to the wiper arm.

Lower Arm To Window
Wiper Arm Retracted
Lower the wiper arm assembly down to the rear window.

Move to the driver's seat, turn the ignition to on, and allow the wiper arm to return to it's resting position at the top of the window.

It would be a good idea to thoroughly clean the rear window at this time for optimum wiper performance. I also recommend applying a glass treatment product that will repel water such as Rain-X.

For more, please check out my other Toyota Sienna Repair & Maintenance Guides.

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