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Vector Stormtracker Weather Alert Radio & TV Review
My opinion of the Vector Stormtracker VEC136 Weather Alert Radio & TV with NOAA receiver & cell phone charger.

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Vector Storm Tracker
The Weather Channel

Weather Alert Radio-TV
I purchased the Vector Stormtracker Series VEC136 Weather Alert Radio & TV as another addition to our collection of preparation items for the 2007 Atlantic Ocean hurricane storm season.

Since we also just picked up a Honda EU3000is generator, this Weather Alert Radio-TV probably won't be used during a power outage. Although it will be helpful to have it in case of an evacuation or for boating, camping, and road trips.

This particular model multifunction Radio-TV made by Vector is co-branded by "The Weather Channel" and features two LED flash lights, a 5 inch UHF / VHF B&W television, AM / FM radio, hand crank power, internal Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, cell phone charging, 2" speaker, antenna jack, and earphones jack.

Another possibly life-saving feature is the National Weather Service automatic alert (NOAA with S.A.M.E. technology) via radio and digital text messing for specific area watches and warnings.


Model # VEC136

Cell Phone Charger Adapters

12V Car Power Adapter
I tested all the features and accessories of the Vector Stormtracker Weather Alert Radio-TV and I wasn't surprised to find that everything worked perfectly.

The AM / FM / NOAA radio band signals are strong with an easy to use station tuning dial.

Hooking up my Sony Ericsson T637 cell phone to the charger using the supplied adapter tips and wire only took a few seconds.

Both the front 3 LED flashlight, and the 6 LED lamp on the back are very bright.

I tested all of these features of the Vector VEC136 with just the power from a few turns of the fold-away hand crank.

AC Power Adapter
Instruction Manuals
Telescoping Antenna
The only fault I could find was with the TV's reception and image quality.

But I think this could be because we're located on the far West side of the county next to the Florida Everglades and at a distance from the television broadcasting towers.

I was also inside the house and I'd assume that going outside would result in a clearer picture.

5" Black & White TV
Back Panel Power Inputs
Earlier in this review I mentioned that I wasn't surprised that everything worked well on the VEC136.

This is because Vector Manufacturing LTD (also known as Vector Products Inc.) has been producing quality electronic items for 10 years under such brand names as Husky (Home Depot), Rubbermaid (Target stores), Durabilt, Mobile Gear, Black & Decker, and Power On Board (Sam's Club).

I've owned or used a few of their products including a car battery trickle charger, portable jump start unit, and a power inverter that was installed in my 2000 Ford Expedition.

Hand Power Crank & Speaker
Handle & Nylon Strap
6 LED Light
Earphone & Antenna Jack
Cell Phone Charger Feature
Digital LCD Alert Display
NOAA Digital Text Messaging
Blue LCD Radio Band Tuner
VHF / UHF TV Controls
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