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Vizcaya Village Historic Car Show
Pictures from an automobile show at Vizcaya Village in Miami Florida featuring antique, historic & classic vehicles.

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1931 Model A Roadster

Miami - World's Playground

After we parked at the Miami Science Museum & Planetarium, I noticed that there was a classic car show taking place in Vizcaya Village.

We originally drove all the way down to the Brickell Hammock suburb of Miami to visit the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens on one of their "Free Admissions Day".

I'm not sure how often Vizcaya Village hosts their classic and antique automobile shows but the only information I could find online was from an event held in 1967. Back in '67 the vehicles were allowed inside the Vizcaya Gardens grounds and were parked behind the main house in front of the barge.

From what I could tell from the signs on most of the vehicles is that they were all Ford Model A cars from the early 1930's.

Vizcaya Village was formerly the maintenance, service, and staff residence area for the gardens and James Deering's mansion.

1930 Ford Model A
Mamaroneck, NY Plates
1932 Ford Model A Tudor
After walking around the car show and checking out these historic Ford Model A vehicles, we crossed South Miami Ave. and entered the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens main entrance.

Some day I'd like to go back and see the other attractions in the village.

Some of the interesting spots I see listed on the map include James Deering's garage, a mechanic's shop, blacksmith shop, the carriage house, the dairy barn, the poultry barn, the mule stables, the paint shop and the museum of science.

Ford 1931 Model A Coupe
South Miami Avenue
Bright Red Antique Car
On the way back to our car after enjoying the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, I noticed that the Miami Science Museum had the dinosaurs of China on display.

Hopefully we'll get a chance to visit Brickell Hammock again and see that exhibit before it moves on to another museum.

I still regret missing the "King Tut & the Golden Age of the Pharoahs" exhibit at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art.

Tan Historic Ford Auto
Red Ford Model A
Vizcaya Musem & Gardens
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