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Wakodahatchee Wetlands - Delray Beach, FL
Pictures & video clips from the Wakodahatchee Wetlands located in the city of Delray Beach in Palm Beach County Florida.

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Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-085 Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-086
Tree Full of Herons
Anhinga On Tree
As the sun sets and the air temperature starts to drop, it seems as if the activity of the wildlife in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands escalates even more. We saw herons coming out of the foliage to rest on the boardwalk, even more of the Marsh Rabbits emerged from the forests to forage out in the open, some of the turtles crawled out of the canals and the family of raccoons made their appearance. 


Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-088 Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-089
Young Heron
Marsh Rabbit
Any time of the year is a great time to visit the Wakodahatchee Wetlands if you have the opportunity, but I'd recommend going during the spring or summer. That's when the colorful plant life flourishes, and the young wildlife are being born. I'll admit though, if you're not used to the heat in can be quite oppressive.
Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-091 Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-092
Purple Gallinule Eating
Fireflag Plant
Arriving early in the morning or late in the day is a good idea if you'd prefer to not melt. That's also when the "golden hour" or "magic hour" takes place during the first and last hour of sunlight each day. For a photographer this translates into better images because the sunlight is more diffuse and takes on a warmer hue.
Purple Gallinule Head
Mother Raccoon & Child
3 Adolescent Raccoons
Female Boat Tailed Grackle
Digging For Food
Raccoon Family
Young Raccoon Staring
Green Heron On Boardwalk
Red Winged Blackbird
Sun Setting & Clouds
Bird Eating Small Frog
The Red Winged Black bird in the row of pictures above has a very distinctive song that you can hear by watching my Wakodahatchee Wildlife Video Clip. Also in the row above you'll see a picture of a female Boat Tailed Grackle eating a small frog while hiding out deep in the vegetation.
Common Moorhen Swimming
Concrete Walkway

Three Marsh Rabbits
Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-110 Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-111
Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-112 Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-113
Red Glowing Alligator Eyes
Alligator Nostrils
Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-115 Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-116 Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-117
Florida Cooter Turtle

Wakodahatchee Wetlands Wildlife Video Clip     Wakodahatchee Raccoon Family Video Clip
Heron Near Alligator
Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-119 Wakodahatchee-Wetlands-Delray-Beach-FL-120
As I alluded to earlier in this photo gallery, we witnessed some tense moments while watching the alligator waiting in the canal for a dinner opportunity. The alligator drifted towards some turtles that rapidly scampered onto the canals banks. Then it set its sights on a Great Blue Heron which approached the canal for a drink of water. The pinnacle of the experience was when we spotted the four young raccoons and their mother walking very near to the canal.
Curious Adolescent Raccoons
Tree Filled With Birds
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