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West Ozello Trail Motorcycle Ride @ Crystal River, FL
Pictures and an on-board video clip from a sportbike ride to W. Ozello Trail located in Crystal River Florida.

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Contrary to the popular belief on most motorcycle internet forums, not all of Florida is cursed with boring straight roads.

West Ozello Trail, located in the city of Crystal River within Citrus County on the Gulf Coast of Florida, is one such example.

While Ozello can't compare with an asphalt rollercoaster such as the Tail of the Dragon @ Deals Gap it does have a respectable 50+ turns in about 9 miles.

Besides being just a fun place to ride my Yamaha R6 with picturesque scenery, the Crystal River area also has a variety of natural attractions including Blue Bay Slate Island, Porpoise Bay, Homosassa Springs State Park, the Suncoast Keys, Greenleaf Bay, and the Archaeological State Park.

W-Ozello-Trail-Sportbike-Ride-004 W-Ozello-Trail-Sportbike-Ride-005
2000 Yamaha YZF R6
During my 4.5 years of attending school at the University of Florida in Gainesville, W. Ozello Trail was one of my favorite places to ride.

To reach this twisty treat coming from Gainesville, take 121 (Williston Rd.) West to US 19 / 98 and head South.

Once you start to see civilization, look for West Fort Island Trail (another fun road) and Ozello on the right hand side.

W-Ozello-Trail-Sportbike-Ride-007 W-Ozello-Trail-Sportbike-Ride-008 W-Ozello-Trail-Sportbike-Ride-009
I found it best to go during the week when most of the residents are not at home.

I also tried to keep the RPMs low so that the route doesn't receive too much attention from law enforcement.

Be careful your first time through or you could easily put your bike into the Gulf of Mexico.

The road has a nice variety of "esses", sweepers, and a hairpin or two, but watch out for the occasional collection of dust or gravel dropped by construction trucks.

I would highly recommend that you install some frame sliders and handlebar sliders to your bike before riding here.

They would help limit any damage to your fairings in case you have a low side accident.

Honda F2 600CC
W-Ozello-Trail-Sportbike-Ride-011 W-Ozello-Trail-Sportbike-Ride-012
Gulf of Mexico
The Suncoast Keys


To watch the video clip of me riding my Yamaha YZF-R6 through the 50+ turns on West Ozello Trail in Crystal River Florida, click on the link below. The movie is encoded in the Windows Media (.WMV) format, runs about 4 mins, and has a file size of approximately 20 megabytes. It has been artificially sped up in Adobe Premiere to add a bit of excitement to an otherwise leisurely ride.

W. Ozello Trail Sportbike Ride Video Clip - Crystal River, FL
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