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Crazy Fish Kayak Rental & Restaurant Review - Jacksonville Beach, FL
Pictures from a kayaking trip at the Crazy Fish located in Jacksonville Beach including a brief restaurant review.

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Crazy Fish Front Entrance
Crazy Fish is a relatively new restaurant and recreational attraction situated right on the JAX intracoastal waterway just north of Beach Blvd (US-90).

We visited Crazy Fish on a very hot summer weekend to rent a double kayak and explore the brackish marsh waters of the Jacksonville Intracoastal Waterway.

Since it was already well over 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, we chose the one hour rental option for $30. Renting a single person kayak costs $20 per hour.

Crazy Fish is located at 2510 2nd Ave N., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250.

Visitors are welcome from Tuesday through Sunday from 11 AM to 9:30 PM. To reach the Crazy Fish staff by phone, call (904) 334-8408.

Besides kayak rentals, Crazy Fish also offers fishing charters, air boat tours (30min/$49, 60min/$99), and guided kayak tours.

Giraffe Statue
Florida Panther Statue
Boat Launch
During the hour we spent paddling around the intracoastal, we saw a variety of wildlife including a hawk carrying a fish, several wading birds, many fish jumping out of the water, and even a pod of dolphins or porpoises swimming in the distance through the no wake zone.
Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-007 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-008 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-009
We weren't planning on eating lunch at the Crazy Fish Restaurant, but the menu looked tempting and we had worked up quite an appetite while kayaking. We chose the blackened mahi mahi fish sandwich and a hamburger both with French fries and garden salad sides for a total cost of $20. Both tasted good but I was a little disappointed at the size of the Mahi Mahi fillet since it only covered about half of the large bun.
Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-010 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-011 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-012
Overall we enjoyed our visit to Crazy Fish with the kayaking experience being the highlight of the trip. I would have preferred to launch the kayak somewhere else besides at a busy boat ramp, but it was only a concern during the first and last few minutes of the hour.
Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-013 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-014
JAX Intracoastal Waterway
Beach Blvd US-90 Bridge

Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-016 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-017 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-018
Water, Snacks, Sun Block
Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-020 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-021
Brackish Water Marsh
Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-022 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-023 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-024
Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-025 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-026 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-027
Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-028 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-029 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-030
Dolphins or Porpoises
Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-031 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-032
No Wake Zone
Crane Boat
Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-034 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-035 Crazy-Fish-Kayaking-Jacksonville-Beach-FL-036
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