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Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens - Jacksonville, FL
Pictures & visitor info from a trip to the Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens park located in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Millcoe Road
Jacksonville Arboretum Sign
Picnic Tables
The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens is a public park that covers 120 acres with several miles of hiking trails including one that circles a scenic two acre lake.

The park is located in the north east area of the city just east of the 9A highway and between Fort Caroline Road to the north and Monument Rd to the south.

To reach the Jax Arboretum using a GPS unit, set it for 1445 Millcoe Road, Jacksonville, FL 32225.

Visitors are welcome at the park from 8 AM to 7 PM every day of the week.

There is no admission fee or parking fee to visit the Jacksonville Arboretum. The limited features at the park include some picnic tables, information signs, and a portable restroom.

Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-004 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-005 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-006
The trails at the Jacksonville Arboretum include the easy "Lake Loop" that goes around the two acre Lake Ray, the "Live Oak Trail", the "Ravine Trail", the "Rosemary Ridge Trail", and the "Jones Creek Trail".
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-007 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-008 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-009
There are a few small events that take place in the park such as the "Trail Walks" with biologist Rachael Sulkers, volunteer work days to maintain the park, and the "Yoga Under the Trees" classes taught by yoga instructor Susan Byrne Lee.
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-010 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-011 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-012
Dogs are allowed in the Jacksonville Arboretum but they must be leashed at all times and owners must clean up after their pets. The only other major rule is that fishing in Lake Ray is not allowed at any time.
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-013 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-014 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-015
You may have noticed that there are two loose dogs in the pictures on this page from our visit to the park. They are not our dogs. The two of them were walking around the empty parking lot when we arrived. They seemed to be friendly, so we continued with our plan to hike the trails. For most of our visit, the two dogs followed us around with one of them leading the way and the other trailing behind by a few feet.
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-016 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-017 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-018
Later in the morning, we saw another couple walking their dog. We informed them that the dogs did not belong to us and they immediately appeared concerned as the two dogs started to gallop towards them. Fortunately, nothing happened and the two loose dogs were just curious about the other animal. We never did find out who owned these two dogs. The only possible clue was the presence of a 6-8 year old Dodge (or possibly Ford/Chevy) full size pick up truck parked near the parking lot.
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-019 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-020 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-021

Rosemary Ridge
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-023 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-024
Mystery Loose Dogs
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-026 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-027
Common Florida Waterbirds
Drinking From Lake Ray
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-029 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-030
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-031 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-032 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-033
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-034 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-035
Skink Lizard Missing Tail
Baygalls & Forested Seeps
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-038 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-039
Turtle Underwater
Forest Walking Path
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-041 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-042
North Florida Insects
Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-043 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-044 Jacksonville-Arboretum-and-Gardens-Jacksonville-FL-045
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