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Fantasy Fest 2003 - Key West, FL
Pictures from our trip to Key West Florida for Fantasy Fest 2003.

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Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-001 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-002
Sloppy Joe's Bar
Skeleton Body Paint
Each year during late October, which is a period of slow tourism for Key West, the city hosts a themed street festival named Fantasy Fest.

The Fantasy Fest committee decides on a new theme for each 'fest' but most people just wear any type of costume since the ten day event encompasses Halloween.

Thousands of tourists arrive in droves to the Keys from all over Florida and the rest of the United States.

This massive quantity of people pumps money into the local economy and helps the multitude of small business owners stay afloat until the busy holiday and summer seasons.

Some have described the event as a friendlier, easy going version of Mardi Gras with much better weather and day time activities.

Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-004 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-005
Pretty Dutch Girl?
Beetlejuice Costume
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-008 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-009
Dorothy & Tin Man
Street Violinist
Key West Judge
Daytime Street Parade
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-014 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-015
The Matrix Costumes

Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-016 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-017 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-018
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-019 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-020 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-021
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-022 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-023
Girl Scout Costumes
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-025 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-026 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-027
Rick's On Duval Street
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-029 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-030
San Carlos Est. 1724


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