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Fantasy Fest 2003 - Key West, FL
Pictures from our trip to Key West Florida for Fantasy Fest 2003.

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All the pictures at this beginning of this page are from one of the night time street parades that are a traditional part of the 10 day Fantasy Fest event each year in Key West Florida.

Organizations such as the Key West Fire Fighters, the Rotary Club of Marathon Florida, and the Fort Brooke Troopers all participate in the parade with elaborate floats.

Just like most street parades, the floats are staffed by bead tossing volunteers who wore creative and colorful costumes.

Unlike the parades at Mardi Gras, the Fantasy Fest parades have a Caribbean and Latin flair due to the many years of cultural influence from the neighboring nations.

Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-034 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-035
Fantasy Fest Parade
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-037 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-038 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-039
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-040 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-041 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-042
Zombie Bride Costume
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-043 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-044 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-045
Firefighter Girl Costume
Fat Tuesday KW

Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-049 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-050
Slim Jim Costume
Sloppy Joe's Key West
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-052 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-053 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-054
Yamaha Blue Wigs
Wizard of Oz Costumes
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-056 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-057
Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-058 Fantasy-Fest-Key-West-2003-059
Rick's & Durty Harry's

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