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Ford Expedition Headlight Bulbs Replacement Guide
How to replace the high beam, low beam, and parking / turn signal light bulbs in a 2003-2006 Ford Expedition SUV.

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Ford Expedition Headlight
Removing 10mm Bolt
2nd 10mm Bolt
This automotive how-to guide was specifically written to assist owners of the 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 Ford Expedition SUV in replacing a burnt out low beam, high beam, or parking / turn signal light bulb in the headlight assembly.

Owners of other similar Ford vehicle models such as the Explorer, Lincoln Navigator, F-150, Lightning, Excursion, Escape, Bronco, and Sport Trac may also find these instructions to be useful.

Replacement light bulbs from Sylvania and other manufacturers have the following part numbers: Low Beam # 9006, High Beam # 9005 and Front Turn Signal / Parking # 3357.

The only tool needed to replace any bulb in the headlight assembly of a 2003-2006 Ford Expedition is a 10mm socket and ratcheting wrench.

Two 10mm Bolts Removed
Headlight Bolts Removed
Hold Back Front Bumper
The easiest way to access the light bulbs in the headlight assembly of a Ford Expedition is to remove the two 10mm bolts that secure it to the front of the vehicle.

Once the two bolts are removed, you can gently hold back the center part of the front bumper that obstructs the headlight assembly.

Then pull the entire assembly out and rest it on a towel or rag to prevent scratching the painted upper lip of the bumper.

Pull Out Headlight
High & Low Dust Covers
Low Beam Front
At the middle rear of the headlight assembly, you'll see a large circular dust cover that protects the low beam headlight bulb and socket.
Low Beam Dust Cover
Pull Off Dust Boot
Turn Counter Clockwise
Pull or peel off the low beam dust cover by grapping the outer lip or by using the two rubber pull tabs.

Then grasp the base of the low beam headlight, turn it 1/4 turn counter clockwise, and pull it straight out from the assembly.

# 9006 Low Beam Bulb
Ford-Expedition-Headlight-Bulbs-Replacement-Guide-014 Ford-Expedition-Headlight-Bulbs-Replacement-Guide-015
Pry Up Grey Plastic Clip
To detach the low beam headlight's base from the power connector, pry up the light grey plastic clip with a flathead screwdriver or your fingertips and wiggle the connector straight off the base of the bulb.


Sylvania 9006 ST HB4
Insert Into Headlight
1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise
Replace the old # 9006 low beam bulb with a new one, attach the power connector, insert it into the headlight, and turn it 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it.
Front - High Beam Bulb
Pull Off Dust Cover
# 9005 High Beam Socket
The high beam headlight bulb is located closest to the center line of the vehicle and is protected by a smaller circular rubber dust cover.

Peel off the rubber dust boot to access the # 9005 high beam bulb.

To remove it, turn the bulb's base 1/4 turn counter clockwise and pull it straight out from the headlight assembly.

Twist 1/4 Turn Clockwise
High Beam Removed
Pry Up Black Plastic Clip
To separate the light bulb from the power connector, pry up the black plastic retaining clip with a flathead screwdriver or your fingertips and pull it straight off from the light bulb's base.

Replace the high beam bulb with a new # 9005, snap on the power connector, insert the bulb into the headlight, and turn it 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it.

Front - Parking / Turn Signal
Turn Signal Bulb Socket
1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise
The front turn signal (parking) light bulb is located at the outer edge of the headlight assembly.

Turn the socket 1/4 turn counter clockwise and pull it straight out from the assembly.

Pull the old # 3357 light bulb straight out from the socket.

If it won't come out easily, try wiggling it while pulling.

Replace it with a new clear 3357 bulb, insert the bulb into the headlight assembly, and turn it 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it.

Remove Power Connector
Pull Out Socket & Bulb
Wiggle Out # 3357 Bulb
Test the new light bulbs by turning on the headlights, activating the hazard signals and flashing the high beams.

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