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Great Dane Bull Mastiff Dog Shaving
Pictures of my friend's Great Dane Bullmastiff mix dog getting his fur coat shaved for summer time.

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Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-002 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-003
On my last visit to my friends in Gainesville Florida, I just happen to be there in time for the summertime dog shaving ritual.

My friend's dog is a Great Dane and Bull Mastiff mix named Fonzi.

Every summer Fonzi gets his thick fur coat shaved off to keep him cooler and happier during the brutally hot summer months.

We use some electric hair clippers to get a nice close shave and give him some relief from the heat.

Geri, the Yorkshire Terrier or "yorkie" just gets to stay inside and eat dog treats while Fonzi goes for his hair cut.


Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-004 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-005
Reluctant Fonzi
Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-007 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-008 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-009
Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-010 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-011 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-012
Let the shaving begin! We used an Oster electric clipper with a number 1 attachment blade guard to keep the dog's skin from being irritated while we shaved off his fur.
Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-013 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-014 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-015

Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-016 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-017 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-018

Fonzi's father was a Great Dane and his mother was a Bull Mastiff.

The Bullmastiff breed was created by the British back in the 1800's as a protective guardian dog. A Bull Mastiff is a confident fearless dog who is intelligent and very protective of it's owners or family.

The Great Dane breed is another dog in the working group that is known as the Apollo of All Dogs because of it's large size.

I think that Fonzi inherited the coat and guard dog personality traits of his Bull Mastiff mother and the large size of his Great Dane father.

Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-019 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-020 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-021
Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-022 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-023 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-024
Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-025 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-026 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-027
Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-028 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-029
We're Almost Done Fonzi
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