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Great Dane Bull Mastiff Dog Shaving
Pictures of my friend's Great Dane Bullmastiff mix dog getting shaved for summer time.

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Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-031 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-032 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-033
As we shaved the Great Dane Bullmastiff dog his attitude got cheerier and he seemed to enjoy being liberated from all that hair and matted fur. Plus I'm sure Fonzi enjoyed having his back scratched.

Some of the neighbors drove or walked by while we were in the process of shaving the dog.

They didn't seem to pleased with the mountain of hair that was forming all around our work area.

I helped out by sweeping up most of the hair into a neat pile before the wind spread it across the entire parking lot.




Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-040 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-041 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-042
Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-043 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-044 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-045

Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-046 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-047 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-048
Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-049 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-050 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-051
Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-052 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-053 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-054
Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-055 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-056
Bull Mastiff Great Dane Shaved
Pile of Dog Hair
Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-058 Great-Dane-Bull-Mastiff-Shaved-059
Clean Shaven Dog
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