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Harbor Freight Discount Tools Review
A consumer's opinion of Harbor Freight discount tools for use in automotive maintenance and household repair.

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$125.49 Plus Tax
Torx Star Screwdrivers
64 Piece Socket Set $23.99
When we moved across the country from Florida to California, I left almost all of my tools at my parents' house so that I could maintain their cars or perform home repairs when I visit them.

I admittedly was also looking forward to having all brand new tools and just the tools I actually need instead of a mess of random rusty mostly unused items.

A friend of ours works at the Harbor Freight Tools corporate office, so I decided to give them my business. The only things I didn't buy at the Harbor Freight store was a Craftsman 2.5 ton floor jack, Craftsman jack stands, and a Wal-Mart used oil jug.

Before my trip to the HF store, I collected several 20% off and free "gift" item coupons from magazines such as Motor Trend, Car & Driver & Automobile.

In total, I spent about $125 plus tax for over 120 tools and other items to handle just about any common car or home DIY job.

Extension Cord, Drill Bits
Screwdrivers, Level, Wrench
Gloves, Funnels, Multimeter
The items I purchased and their prices after any discounts are as follows: Socket Set 64 PC $23.99, Multimeter $6.99, 27 LED Flashlight $3.49, 3/8" Torque Wrench $9.99, Nitrile Rubber Gloves $6.59, Funnel Set 4 PC $0.99, Large Funnel $1.49, Safety Glasses $1.49, Oil Pan With Spout $5.99, Drillmaster 3/8" Drill $16.89, 1.5Lb Rubber Mallet $ 2.99, Pittsburgh Pliers 7 PC $10.99, Extension Cord 16G / 25 Feet $9.99, "C" Bar Clamp 12 Inches $3.99, Small Precision Screwdrivers 6 PC $3.99, Phillips & Flathead Screw Driver Set $2.99, Double Sided Tape $1.99, Electrical Tape $0.69, 13 PC Drill Bit Set $3.99, 8 Inch Adjustable Crescent Wrench $ 4.49, and Magnetic Level $1.49.
Drill, Light, Safety Glasses
Pliers Set, Torque Wrench
Rubber Mallet, F Clamp
The bottom of the receipt says that I "saved" $96.09 by using all of my 20% off coupons, the torque wrench coupon and the free item coupon for the 7 function multimeter.

My initial assessment of the tools is that some of them looked and felt cheap but seemed to be sturdy enough for casual use maintaining vehicles or doing DIY projects around the house.

A friend of mine is a professional mechanic and when I asked him his thoughts on Harbor Freight tools, he said that they work fine but plan on replacing them often if you use them every day.


Pittsburg Made In China
Used Oil Catch Basin
Metric & SAE Sockets
It has been a few months since I purchased all these tools and I've used the vast majority of them at least a few times.

I've done a variety of common vehicle maintenance work on a 2011 GM Chevrolet Malibu, a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria LX, and a 2010 Toyota Corolla S.

I've also installed curtains, assembled furniture, wall mounted an HDTV and fixed a few other things around the house.

Riverside CA Store
Itemized Receipt & Prices
20% Off Coupons
Overall I think the discount tools that I bought from Harbor Freight have performed great especially considering how little I paid for them in comparison to better known brands such as Craftsman, Snap-On and Matco.

If I had to complain about something I could mention that a few of the Phillips head screwdrivers have worn down a bit, I'm not sure I entirely trust the Pittsburgh torque wrench, and the plastic items such as the funnels and used oil basin seem thin.

I've only ever visited a Harbor Freight tools store location in Riverside California, but it seemed well laid out and organized with friendly employees. I spent almost an hour carefully picking out all of the items on my list since I live about 45 minutes away from the store and I didn't want to make a return trip.

Free Items & Discounts
Harbor-Freight-Tools-Review-017 Harbor-Freight-Tools-Review-018
Total $135 Including Tax
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