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Hayward Pool Pump Filter Cartridge Cleaning Guide
How to remove, clean & replace the filter cartridge element in a Hayward Star Clear II pool pump system with pictures.

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Pool Pump & Filter
Hayward Star Clear II
Filter Locking Knob
This home maintenance guide was specifically written to assist owners of the Hayward Star Clear II pool pump system in removing, cleaning, and replacing the cartridge filter element.

Owners of similar Hayward pool pump water filtration systems and from other manufacturers such as Pentair, Hot Intex, Jandy, Sta-Rite may also find this guide to be useful.

Our pool cleaners recommended that the cartridge filter inside the Hayward Star Clear II pool filtration system was dirty and should be replaced soon to avoid problems or costly repairs.

Rather than pay them $80 to install a new pool filter, I decided to remove, thoroughly clean, and replace it myself.

No hand tools are needed to complete this procedure. You will need a garden hose with or without a sprayer nozzle.

Turn Off Pool Pump
Remove Knob & Tie Rod
Lift Off Filter Head Cover
First locate your pool or spa pump and the tall cylinder that houses the cartridge filter.

Unscrew the locking knob at the top of the filter unit and pull it up and off. The long metal tie rod bar may come out along with the locking knob as picture above.

Dirty Cartridge Filter
Revmoe Filter Element
Pleatco PA100 Filter
Pull the cartridge pool filter straight out from the housing and set it aside.

Make sure that the rubber o-ring stays in place. If the o-ring seems dry or brittle, it will need to be lubricated or replaced.


Insert Garden Hose
Flush Debris Out
Dirt, Leaves, Hair, Bugs
Cleaning the filter is done by simply placing a running garden hose in between the fabric pleats and flushing out any debris.

I spent about 15 minutes running the hose along the pleats to remove the dirt, leaves, insects, twigs, and hair that had been accumulated in the filter over the last year.

Repeat Flushing Process
Like New Filter
Empty Skimmer Basket
After flushing out the filter, it looked almost brand new.

The fabric pleats on the filter seem very sturdy and I'm sure that the filter could be used for up to a few more years with regular cleanings.

To prolong the time in between pool filter cleanings, be sure to empty out the skimmer basket and remove any debris from the pool with a net.

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