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Laguna Beach Tide Pools - South Orange County, CA
Pictures of the tidal pools near Treasure Island Park below the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, Orange County, CA.

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Paul B. Michaels
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Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-001 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-002 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-003
Since I love any excuse to use my underwater camera case, I brought it along on our last trip to Laguna Beach in mid August of 2012.

Our favorite stretch of sand in the city of Laguna Beach is the area just below the Montage Resort, near Treasure Island Park and just north of Aliso Beach County Park.

With the approval of a tidepool educator (or "docent"), I was able to dip just the lens of my waterproof camera case below the surface of the tidal pools to capture the images on this page.

Just a few of the sea creatures visible in Southern California tidal pools include purple sea urchins, barnacles, crabs, anemones, sea stars, northern clingfish, tide pool sculpin, abalones, chamas, chitons, limpets, navanax sea slugs, sea hares and snails.

Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-004 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-005 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-006
Knobby Star
Some other good spots in Orange County to explore the tide pools include Crystal Cove State Park, Little Corona Beach, Shaw's Cove, Heisler Park, Laguna Main Beach, Thousand Steps Beach, Aliso Beach, Golf Cove Beach, Christmas Cove Beach, Victoria Beach, Moss Point Beach, Wood's Cove, Pearl Street, Agate Street, Bluebird Beach, Crescent Bay, Rockpile Beach, Picnic Beach and Boat Canyon Beach.
Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-007 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-008
Purple Urchins & Mollusks
Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-010 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-011 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-012

Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-013 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-014 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-015
Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-016 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-017 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-018
Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-019 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-020 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-021
Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-022 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-023 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-024
Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-025 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-026
Sea Anemone
Treasure Island Beach Park
Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-029 Laguna-Beach-Tide-Pools-South-Orange-County-CA-030
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