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Maine Sunset & Scenery Photo Album
Pictures of a colorful sunset, scenery and the Atlantic Ocean from the state of Maine in the New England region of the USA.

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Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-01 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-02 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-03
The images in this photo album are from a trip through the state of Maine in the New England region of the United States of America.

We were driving through the area when I noticed that the sun was setting and it would be a great opportunity for some sunset and scenic pictures.

These photographs were captured with one of the first digital cameras that I ever owned, a Kodak DC280 2 mega pixel compact digicam.

Early Kodak digital cameras were known for their excellent color reproduction and saturation. Since owning the Kodak DC280, I've switched to the Canon Digital IXUS Elph line of digital cameras.

After taking these nature & landscape pictures, I printed a few of them on Kodak Premium Photo paper to give to my friends to hang on their walls as decorative art.

Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-04 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-05 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-06
To capture most of these images I set up my trusty Ambico tripod and mounted the digital camera so as to eliminate the problem of handheld camera shake. Most, if not all, SLR digital cameras have a screw hole on the shutter button to use a cable release device. Compact digital camera owners can instead use the "self timer" feature. The Canon Elph digital cameras that I have owned can be set to either a 2 second or 10sec timer, which makes the two second option the most useful for a tripod mounted camera.
Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-07 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-08 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-09
Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-10 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-11
Maine Sunset Picture
Chain of Islands
Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-14 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-15

Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-16 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-17
New England Forest Picture
Atlantic Ocean Landscape
Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-19 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-20
Maine Nature Photograph
Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-22 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-23 Maine-Sunset-Scenery-Photos-24
Mountain Silhouette Photo
I hope you've enjoyed my Maine Sunset & Scenery photo album. If you're interested in seeing my pictures from a Maine whale watching tour that we ventured on into the Atlantic ocean, click on the link in this sentence. If you're a travel or photography enthusiast be sure to also visit the home page of Paul's Travel Pictures to browse more of my image galleries.

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