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Mallory Square - Downtown Key West, FL
Pictures and visitor information from a trip to see the street performers in Mallory Square, Downtown Key West, Florida.

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Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-001 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-002 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-003
One of the best ways to end a day spent in Key West is to watch the sunset at Sunset Pier and then enjoy the street performers in Mallory Square.

Our snorkeling / sunset / booze boat cruise returned just in time for us to catch the performances of such well known Mallory Square characters as the highly acrobatic "Dark Superman".

We also saw a man juggling razor sharp knives while walking across a tightrope suspended over a brave volunteer and held up by twelve other volunteers.

Another performer had a trained house cat that would jump through hoops and other tricks.

Mallory Square is located just south of Sunset Pier and northwest of Old Town and Duval Street.

Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-004 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-005 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-006
Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-007 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-008 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-009
Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-010 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-011 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-012
Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-013 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-014 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-015
While watching the performers, I captured a few short video clips. To view the video, click on the blue link below. To download the movie file to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Mallory Square Street Performers Video - Old Town, Key West, FL

Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-016 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-017 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-018
Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-019 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-020 Mallory-Square-Downtown-Key-West-FL-021
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