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Florida Keys Wild Bird Center - Tavernier, FL
Pictures, a video clip, & visitor info from a trip to the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center in Tavernier, Florida.

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Overseas Highway

Tavernier, FL

Wild Bird Rehab Sign

While visiting Key Largo for a weekend getaway, we took a short side trip down to Tavernier to visit the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center.

This not for profit sanctuary is run by dedicated volunteers who depend on visitor donations to continue rehabilitating a variety of sick or injured birds.

A small sign asking for donations with a drop box sits at the entrance to the elevated boardwalk which leads to the various bird enclosures.

The Florida Keys Wild Bird Center is located at 93600 Overseas Highway, Tavernier, FL 33070 at MM (mile marker) 93.6 on the Bayside. It is about 7 miles south of Key Largo, and about 75 miles south of Miami.

Visitors are welcome all year long during daylight hours. The staff can be reached by phone at (305) 852-4486. To see the birds being fed, visit in the afternoon around 3 PM.

Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-004 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-005 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-006

Some of the birds that are commonly found at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center include owls, pelicans, great white storks, ibis, isis, herons, snowy egrets, a broad winged hawk and various birds of prey.

Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-007 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-008 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-009
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-010 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-011 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-012
Feral Cat
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-013 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-014 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-015
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-016 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-017
Barn Owl
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-019 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-020
White Dove Enclosure
Bird of Prey
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-022 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-023
Transitional / Buttonwood Wetlands
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-026 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-027

Great White Heron
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-029 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-030
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-031 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-032
Snowy Egret
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-034 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-035
Aviaries & Bird Cages
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-037 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-038
Beach & Gulf of Mexico
White Cockatoo
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-043 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-044
During our visit to the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, I captured a short movie of the pelicans and other birds fluttering around the mangrove trees. To view the video clip, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Florida Keys Wild Bird Center Video Clip - Tavernier, FL

Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-046 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-047
Green Amazon Parrot
Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-049 Florida-Keys-Wild-Bird-Center-Tavernier-FL-050
Mangrove Habitat Boardwalk
Parking Lot & Gift Shop
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