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NSRA 2003 Motorcycle Show & Stunt Competition
 Pictures From The 2003 National Stunt Riding Association's Annual Stunt Show & Championships In Gainesville, FL

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In the first two pictures on this page you can see a rider on a green Honda sport bike doing a no hands wheelie and a rider on a yellow Honda F4i performing a no feet wheelie.

Yet another technique for popping a wheelie is shown in the 3rd picture where the rider stands up on his seat.

This creates a higher balance point for a more dramatic wheely.

Most of the riders had a wheelie bar installed on the tail of their motorcycle so that they wouldn't flip over completely if the wheelie went too far.




Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-031 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-032
Boyfriend / Girlfriend Stunt Team

One of the most interesting things at the NSRA 2003 stunt riding championships in Gainesville Florida was the boyfriend / girlfriend team that performed stunts together on one motorcycle. They wore matching boots with orange flames, matching Alpinestars leather jackets and blue and red Arai helmets. She would hang off the back of the bike as he popped wheelies or she would lean off the front of the back as he performed endos also known as stoppies.

Tandem Wheelie
Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-035 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-036

The rider in the Lucky Strike leather jacket on the yellow Honda F4i was a professional at doing slow speed wheelies that he could maneuver around the race track and even in circles. The last picture in this row shows a rider aboard a black Honda sport bike jumping from the back seat to the tank while in motion. These type of sport bike motorcycle stunts require a steering dampener set on firm so that the handlebars don't wag back and forth out of control. Scott's and Ohlins are the two biggest and well known steering dampener manufacturers.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-037 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-038
Extended Burnout

The burnout or "burn out" is another popular motorcycle stunt. Well, you really can't count a burnout as a "stunt" if the bike is just sitting still but once you start moving then I consider it to be a true stunt that requires more skill then just holding the front brake and twisting the throttle. The Gainesville Raceway is just a drag strip so the burn out specialists didn't have much room to create smiley faces in the asphalt.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-040 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-041 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-042

The last picture in this row shows a type of burn out called the "high chair" because it resembles a baby sitting in it's high chair. The rider swings his legs over the windshield of the motorcycle at a slow speed and then pops the clutch to begin a burnout. I've seen very skilled stunt riders turn this rolling burn out into a wheelie by letting off the gas momentarily to allow the rear tire to hook up and then hitting the throttle again to lift the front end.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-043 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-044 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-045

The first picture in this row is of the Honda F4i rider performing a switched up wheelie or a cross over where the front wheel is turned all the way in one direction. The rider of the red Suzuki GSXR-1000 had literally a hundred zip ties or cable ties holding his body work together. I guess the motorcycle had been dropped so many times. I guess it would be too expensive to replace the body work after each mishap.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-046 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-047 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-048

I wonder how many tires these guys go through in a year doing these sport bike motorcycle stunt shows. I know that the Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Metzeler M1 tires that I use on my Yamaha YZF R6 only seem to last about 3-5 thousand miles of hard riding with no burn outs. I heard a stunt rider say that using used tires was out of the question since they didn't last long enough. So for each show they would purchase brand new tires and usually end the day by popping the tire in a big smoky grand finale burnout.

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