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NSRA 2003 Motorcycle Show & Stunt Competition
 Pictures From The 2003 National Stunt Riding Association's Annual Stunt Show & Championships In Gainesville, FL

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Burning Rubber!



The picture in the middle of this row really shows how smoky the rear tire gets during a nice burn out.

I'm sure he'll need a new tire for his next motorcycle stunt riding competition.

I asked one of the guys if he just buys used tires but he said that they don't last long enough.

So they only buy brand new tires that will last the entire length of a stunt show or competition.

It must take these guys forever to clean up all the burnt rubber from their bike's undertail. Maybe they just leave it there indefinitely.





Here you can see the rider in the yellow jacket performing a high chair burn out that goes wrong and he has to lay down the bike on the race track. Below is another rider on a blue bike performing the same stunt but with much better results.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-103 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-104 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-105
High Chair Burnout
Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-106 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-107 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-108

I know that this event was a "motorcycle stunt riding event" but I wish there had been at least one of those tricked out stunting ATVs that you always see on the DVD, VHS, or internet stunt riding videos.

Seat Stand Wheelie
Tank Stand Wheelie

Most of the riders at the NSRA 2003 Championships were from very talented but lesser known stunt riding groups. Some of the more famous groups include the Las Vegas Extremes, Ghost Rider, and the StarBoyz.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-112 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-113
No Hands Wheelie
90 Degree Wheelie
Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-116 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-117

One of the last events of the day was where all the riders attempted to pull a wheelie and touch the front wheel fender while riding along at the balance point. The very last picture on this page is a great example of the stunt done well.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-118 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-119 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-120
Fender Grab Wheelie

I saw a nice collection of sick stunts that day and just about every type of wheelie including a nac nac, can-can, fender grab, high chair wheelie, a switchback, flamingo, and even a Ralph Louie.

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