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NSRA 2003 Motorcycle Show & Stunt Competition
 Pictures From The 2003 National Stunt Riding Association's Annual Stunt Show & Championships In Gainesville, FL

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The Gainesville Raceway in Alachua County Florida is a popular track that is part of the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) circuit.

Because of it's popularity, the track has accumulated layers upon layers of burnt rubber at the beginning of the track around the light tree.

All this extremely sticky rubber made it difficult for the stunt riders to burn out their motorcycles' back tire or perform consistent stoppies.

For part of the competition the director of the NSRA moved all the riders, spectators, and judges out to the far end of the 1/4 race track.



Stoppie Contest

Rolling Endo Stunt
Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-079 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-080 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-081

The six pictures above were taken during the "longest stoppie" portion of the NSRA 2003 Championships at the Gainesville Raceway quarter mile drag strip race track. Some of the riders made their stunts more creative by hanging their bodies of the front of the bike or by weaving the bike around as the rear tire was up in the air.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-082 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-083
NSRA Event Staff Dirt Bikes

The event staff were given small Honda 50cc dirt bikes to get around the course. One of the people on the staff decided to pull a wheelie with her Honda dirtbike and the event coordinator removed her dirt biking privileges.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-085 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-086
No Handed Wheelie
Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-088 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-089 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-090
Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-091 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-092
Burnout Contest

These pictures captured the "Longest Rolling Burnout" competition that was one of the scored events in the National Stunt Riding Championship for 2003. The one time that I did a long smoky burn out on my Yamaha YZF R6, it left a big patch or rubber in my parking lot and a bits of rubber on my bike's under tail. It wasn't fun to clean up that Sunday when I washed my motorcycle.

Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-094 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-095 Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-Gainesville-096

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