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Times Square - New York City, NY
Pictures, a video clip, &  visitor information from a trip to Times Square in NYC during the day and again at night.

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Times-Square-NYC-NY-001 Times-Square-NYC-NY-002 Times-Square-NYC-NY-003
These pictures of Times Squares in Manhattan were taken on two separate visits to New York City.

The daytime images were captured on our way to Central Park and I took the night time photos after enjoying the Spamalot musical on Broadway Ave.

Times Square is one of the most well known icons representing New York City. This famous intersection is located at the junction of Seventh Ave and Broadway Ave.

The area is easily recognized by the vast abundance of illuminated LED or neon "supersigns", "spectaculars", or "jumbotrons" with animated advertisements.

Since the early 1900's, Times Square has been a popular place for New Yorkers to congregate for important news, major sports event results, and during the New Year's Eve ball drop.

Times-Square-NYC-NY-004 Times-Square-NYC-NY-005 Times-Square-NYC-NY-006
Times-Square-NYC-NY-007 Times-Square-NYC-NY-008 Times-Square-NYC-NY-009
Times-Square-NYC-NY-010 Times-Square-NYC-NY-011 Times-Square-NYC-NY-012
Times-Square-NYC-NY-013 Times-Square-NYC-NY-014 Times-Square-NYC-NY-015
Times-Square-NYC-NY-016 Times-Square-NYC-NY-017 Times-Square-NYC-NY-018

Times-Square-NYC-NY-019 Times-Square-NYC-NY-020 Times-Square-NYC-NY-021
Times-Square-NYC-NY-022 Times-Square-NYC-NY-023 Times-Square-NYC-NY-024
Times-Square-NYC-NY-025 Times-Square-NYC-NY-026 Times-Square-NYC-NY-027
Times-Square-NYC-NY-028 Times-Square-NYC-NY-029 Times-Square-NYC-NY-030
Times-Square-NYC-NY-031 Times-Square-NYC-NY-032 Times-Square-NYC-NY-033
Times-Square-NYC-NY-034 Times-Square-NYC-NY-035 Times-Square-NYC-NY-036
During our visit to Times Square, I captured a few short video clips of the area and edited them together into a short video clip. To view or "stream" the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Times Square Video Clip - Manhattan, NYC, NY

Times-Square-NYC-NY-037 Times-Square-NYC-NY-038 Times-Square-NYC-NY-039
Times-Square-NYC-NY-040 Times-Square-NYC-NY-041 Times-Square-NYC-NY-042

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