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Yorkshire Terrier Dog Pictures
Pictures of my friend's purebred Yorkshire Terrier or "Yorkie" dog named Geri.

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Yorkshire Terrier Picture

One of my friend's in Gainesville Florida gave his girlfriend a Yorkie puppy as a present for their anniversary. I took these pictures of their new Yorkshire Terrier dog the same day that my other friend's Great Dane Bull Mastiff got shaved.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a dog breed that originates from Great Britain and became fashionable during the Victorian Era in Yorkshire, England.

Yorkies were introduced to America in the late 1800's and have become one of the most popular toy dog breeds.

Most Yorkshire Terriers don't exceed 7 lbs and live for about 12-15 years.




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Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-13 Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-14 Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-15


Geri - Yorkie

Fonzi - Great Dane / Mastiff
Hannah - Jack Russell Terrier

Geri, the tiny Yorkshire Terrier lives with "Fonzi" who is a massive Great Dane and Bull Mastiff mixed breed dog.

Hannah the pure bred Jack Russell terrier is owned by another friend in Gainesville Florida.

Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-19 Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-20 Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-21
Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-22 Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-23 Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-24
Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-25 Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-26 Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-27
Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-28 Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-29 Yorkshire-Terrier-Pictures-30
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