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Auckland Domain Park - Auckland, New Zealand
Pictures and visitor information from a trip through the Auckland Domain Park in the Grafton suburb of Auckland, NZ.

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Auckland Domain Entrance
Parnell Entrance
Auckland War Museum
The Auckland Domain is the city's oldest park and also one of the largest since it covers about 75 hectares (185 acres) of land in the Grafton Suburb.

We took a short walk from the Mercure Hotel in the Waterfront District of the city to check out the attractions in the Auckland Domain.

Some of these attractions include the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the Winter Garden, the Historic Gardens, the Duck Ponds, nature trails, and a variety of sculptures.

My favorite part of the park was photographing the amazing collection of flowers in the Winter Garden's two greenhouses.

The main entrance to the Auckland Domain is on Park Road by the Auckland Hospital with other vehicle accessible entrances at Stanley St., Titoki St., and Stanley Street.

Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-004 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-005
Sky City Tower
There are eight large sculptures in various locations around the Auckland Domain Park that were created by famous New Zealand artists including John Edgar, Greer Twiss, Neil Miller, Louise Purvis, Fred Graham, Chiara Corbelletto, Charlotte Fisher, and Christine Hellyar.
Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-007 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-008
10 Hectare Sports Fields
Wintergarden Glasshouse
Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-010 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-011 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-012
Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-013 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-014 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-015
Metal Sclupture
Historic Gardens
Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-017 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-018

Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-019 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-020 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-021
Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-022 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-023 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-024
Reflecting Pool & Statues
Lovers Walk - Glade Path
Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-028 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-029 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-030
Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-031 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-032 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-033
Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-034 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-035
Duck Ponds
Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-037 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-038 Auckland-Domain-Park-North-Island-New-Zealand-039
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To any USA citizens contemplating visiting New Zealand, don't forget that the tropical island nation of Fiji is "on the way".

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