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Ford Edge Door Panel Speaker Replacement Guide
How to remove the front door panel & replace the OEM (stock) 6"x8" speaker on a 2007 to 2010 Ford Edge CUV.

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Edge Front Door Panel
Screws On Outer Side
Remove Philips Screws
This automotive "how-to" guide was specifically written to assist owners of the first generation (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and possibly also the updated 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014) Ford Edge CUV in removing a front or rear door panel and upgrading the 6"x8" speaker.

Owners of other Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles such as the Taurus, Fiesta, Fusion, Focus, Mustang, Flex, Ranger, F-150, Escape, Explorer, Expedition, MKZ, MKX, MKS, MKT, Navigator, Milan, Mariner, Mountaineer, Grand Marquis & Town Car may also find this guide to be helpful.

Although the stock Ford factory speakers in the 2007-2010 Edge are more than adequate, some owners will want to upgrade them with better aftermarket speakers.

The only tools needed to complete this procedure are a Phillips head screwdriver, a 7/32 socket with ratcheting wrench and a Torx T-15 screwdriver.

Outer Side Screw # 2
Two Inner Side Screws
To access the door speaker in a 07-10 Ford Edge, you'll first need to remove the door panel. This guide covers removing the front passenger door panel, but the procedure should be very similar if not identical for the other doors.

First use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws on the outer edge of the door, the two screws on the inner edge of the door, and the two screws on the bottom lip of the door panel.

Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-007 Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-008
Door Handle Screw Cover
T-15 Torx Screw
Next, pop off the round plastic screw cover that hides the Torx T-15 screw just above the interior door handle.

Remove the screw with a size Torx T-15 screw driver. A small flathead screwdriver may also work if you don't have any Torx tools.

Remove Torx Screw
Screw Removed
Door Storage Container
The last fastener that has to be removed is a small screw located in the storage cubby hole in the door's armrest.

Use a size 7/32" socket on an extension piece to unscrew it.

7/32 Socket On Extension
Remove 7/32 Screw
7/32 Screw Removed
2 Screws Bottom Lip
Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-017 Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-018
Removing Bottom Screws

Pop Out Door Handle Trim
Door Lock Connector
Remove Power Connector
Now that all of the screws have been removed, you can pop out the trim piece around the door handle and disconnect the power door lock switch's power connector.
Power Door Lock Detached
Pull Up Lower Edge
Plastic Retaining Rivets
Then pop off the front part of the arm rest that contains the power window switch and disconnect the power connector.
Pull Up Power Window Trim
PW Trim Removed
Move to the lower edge of the door panel and pry it up with a flathead screwdriver or just pull on it with your hands. The white plastic snap rivets should be relatively easy to pull out.
Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-028 Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-029
Pop Off PW Connector
Power Window Switch Off
Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-031 Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-032
Pull Panel Up & Off
Front Door Panel Removed
Make sure that all of the plastic snap fasteners at the bottom are free and gently pull up on the door panel to remove it. Be careful to not bend the door lock stalk at the top of the door panel.
Removing T-15 Screws
Four Torx T-15 Screws
Stock OEM 6"x8" Speaker
To remove the four screws holding the stock 6"x8" Ford Speaker in place, you'll need a Torx T-15 screwdriver.
Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-037 Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-038
Pull Off 6x8 Speaker
Press Connector Clip
Pull off the speaker from the door panel and disconnect the power plug by pressing on the black plastic tab.

Some replacement aftermarket speakers come with adapters so that you can avoid cutting the OEM wiring.

If yours didn't you can also use wire taps to connect the wires for your new speakers without cutting the stock power plug.

To reduce road noise and make your new speakers sound better, I recommend applying some Dynamat Sound Deadener to the metal door frame. It will help stop vibrations and rattles when you crank up the volume.

Remove Power Connector
Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-041 Ford-Edge-Front-Door-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-042
Door Speaker Removed
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