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Hyundai Accent Cabin Air Filter Replacement Guide
A pictures illustrated "how to" instruction guide for replacing the HVAC cabin air filter in a 2010 Hyundai Accent.

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This automotive "how to" instruction guide was specifically written to assist owners of the 2010 Hyundai Accent GLS four door compact sedan in replacing the HVAC cabin air filter.

Owners of other third generation Hyundai Accent vehicles from 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 may also find this guide to be helpful.

A few compatible replacement cabin air filters with their part numbers are as follows: TYC 800088P, Fram CF10728 Hyundai 08790-2H000-A, Ecogard XC35660 and K&N VF2037.

If your current filter is still mostly white with just some gray dirty areas, you can just tap out any leaves or debris and keep on using it for a few more months.

To access the Hyundai Accent's cabin air filter, get in the front passenger seat and open up the glove box compartment.

Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-004 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-005 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-006
Inside the glove box, there are two tabs which attach to the glove box compartment's rubber stops.

To release each tab or "lock" inside the glove box, insert your hand into the glove box and close it a few inches.

Then use your fingernail to lift the side of the plastic tab closest to you until it pivots towards the center of the glove box and pull it out.

Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-007 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-008 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-009
If you don't close partially close the glove box, it is a lot harder to pop out the two plastic/rubber glove box stops.
Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-010 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-011 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-012
Once the two rubber glove box stops/tabs are removed, gently lower the entire glove box towards the floor of the car.
Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-013 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-014 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-015
Then look for the long rectangular black plastic cabin air filter cover.

It is secured in place by two clips/snaps on the either side.

To release the cover, pinch the two tabs together and gently pull towards you.

Repeat on the other side and completely pull off the cabin air filter plastic cover.

Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-016 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-017 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-018
With the plastic cover removed, you'll be able to see the rear edge of the white cabin air filter.

To remove it, gently pinch and pull on it straight back towards yourself.

This cabin air filter wasn't that dirty, so I just shook off the leaves and tapped out some of the dust, dirt and other debris.

I recommend buying the TYC 800088P cabin air filter since it has excellent reviews on Amazon.

Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-019 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-020 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-021
To insert a new cabin air filter (or the original one after cleaning it), take note of any "Up" or "Air Flow" indicators and slide it back into the cabin air filter receptacle slot.

If your new filter has an "Air Flow" arrow, make sure it is pointed down towards the passenger floor mat.

The air for the A/C system is pulled in from the outside and down in to the circular blower motor housing just below the cabin filter slot.

Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-022 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-023 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-024
Then line up the black plastic cabin air filter cover and gently snap it into place. You may need to pinch together the two tabs on the latches to get it locked into place.
Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-025 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-026 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-027
Glove Box Partially Closed
To finish the job, all you have to do is re-install the two plastic/rubber stops that keep the glove box from falling all the way down when opened.

To do this, insert your hand into the glove box with one of the stops and close the glove box a few inches.

Then insert the little rubber stick into the larger rearmost opening followed by the large rubber piece.

Finally, lay the plastic piece flat and push it towards the rear of the glove box.

Repeat this on the other side with the other stop.

Open - Hole Obstructed
Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-029 Hyundai-Accent-Cabin-Air-Filter-Replacement-Guide-030
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