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Ibis Ellerslie Hotel - Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
Pictures, a traveler's review and visitor info from a stay at the Ibis Auckland Ellerslie Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Paul B. Michaels
Author & Photographer
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King Size Bed
Closet & Desk
Our first few days in New Zealand were spent at the conveniently located Mercure Hotel in the Waterfront District of Auckland exploring the city, buying hiking gear at a nearby "The Warehouse" store location, and setting up our Vodafone mobile broadband internet account.

The next stage of our plan was to purchase a vehicle, so we moved to the Ibis Auckland Ellerslie hotel situated near many used car dealerships.

We were lucky enough to book our room during a special offer that included a reduced price of just $43.22 USD per night plus a free buffet breakfast at the in-house Acacia Restaurant each morning.

The Ibis Ellerslie is located about 7.5 km away from downtown Auckland at 72-112 Greenlane Road East.

The lobby is shared with the Novotel Ellerslie hotel in the adjoining building.

Alarm Clock & Phone
Desk & Internet ($)
Ironing Board, Kettle
We didn't spend all that much time at the Ibis Auckland Ellerslie since we were out car shopping in the area, but the hotel was perfect for our needs and the price of the stay was well worth it.

The hotel staff was friendly, the buffet breakfast was excellent and we slept well each night. Although the location was close to a few used car dealerships, we ended up renting a Toyota Corolla ($48.30 USD) from Greenstone Rentals at the Best Western Ellerslie for one day in order to expand our search.

Extra Blanket, Pillow
Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-008 Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-009
LCD HDTV & Guides
Mini Fridge
Tea, Coffee

Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-013 Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-014
Quirky Bathroom
Some would describe the bathrooms at the Ibis Ellerslie as odd or quirky. I found the bathroom to be interesting and somewhat futuristic looking. They must have been pre-fabricated units that were easier and less costly to install than traditional hotel bathrooms.
Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-016 Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-017 Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-018
Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-019 Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-020 Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-021
Garden View
Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-023 Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-024
PacSafe TravelSafe
After just a few hours of visiting what felt like a dozen used car dealerships, we purchased a red 1994 Toyota Carina ED with 240,000 km (150,000 miles) on the odometer for $2,700 NZD ($2,000 USD).

We drove the car a few thousand kilometers around the North Island of New Zealand for the next few months and then sold it in the Lake Taupo area on Trade Me for $2,200 NZ ($1,652 USD). The car was remarkably trouble free for being 16 years old so the cost of ownership ended up being only a few dollars a day considering the ~$400 USD loss when it was sold.

Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-025 Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-026 Ibis-Hotel-Auckland-Ellerslie-North-Island-New-Zealand-027
1994 Toyota Carina ED

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To any USA citizens contemplating visiting New Zealand, don't forget that the tropical island nation of Fiji is "on the way".

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