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The London Bridge - Lake Havasu City, AZ
Pictures and visitor information from a trip to "The London Bridge" located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA.

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Speedboats Docked
The London Bridge
Bridgewater Channel
In 1964, a wealthy oil tycoon named Robert McCulloch founded Lake Havasu City.

He purchased The London Bridge, which was "falling down", from the city for $2,500,000 in 1968. The bridge's meticulous reconstruction in Lake Havasu City was completed by 1971.

Robert McCulloch's motivation for making the purchase was to draw attention to the new city, bring in tourists and attract prospective retirement residents to his real estate developments.

The London Bridge spanned nothing but sand when it was first moved to Lake Havasu City. To put the bridge to good use, the Bridgewater Channel canal was constructed between Thomson Bay and Lake Havasu.

Since then, the London Bridge has become Arizona's second largest tourist attraction after the Grand Canyon.

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Replica River Boat Tour
Dixie Belle Paddlewheel Boat
Red & White Speedboat
Bridgewater Channel Canal
Patriotic Speedboat

London Bridge Resort
London-Bridge-Lake-Havasu-City-AZ-011 London-Bridge-Lake-Havasu-City-AZ-012
USA Flag On Speedboat
American Flag Flying
London Bridge Plaque
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