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Honokohau Marina - Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii
Pictures & visitor info from a sunset trip to the Honokohau Marina & Small Boat Harbor in Kailua-Kona, Big Island.

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Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-001 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-002 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-003
I had read that the Honokohau Marina & Small Boat Harbor was a great place to watch the sunset in the Kailua-Kona area on the Big Island of Hawaii.

So we drove over to the marina one late afternoon to admire the deep sea fishing boats and then watch the bright orange sun dip into the Pacific Ocean.

The Honokohau Marina is located off Hwy 19 between mile markers # 97 and 98. If you're using a GPS unit, try entering the official address of 74-381 Kealakehe Parkway, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740. You can also try searching for Honokohau in the GPS unit's POI (Points of Interest) database.

There's no entrance or parking fee required to visit the Honokohau Marina. We parked close to the lava boulders by the ocean and walked around the marina until it was almost time to watch the sunset.

Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-004 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-005 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-006
The Honokohau Marina is located about 6.5 miles away from the Kona International Airport and it should be your first stop after landing on the Big Island if you enjoy the excitement of deep sea fishing, scuba diving, or sailing. There were at least a few dozen charter boats offering a variety of adventures to suit most any budget.
Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-007 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-008 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-009
If you arrive at the Marina early, you can check out the two small beaches on either side of the harbor or take the walking trail at the north end of the marina to the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park. The park is a preserved site of an ancient Hawaiian settlement with a "kahua" house site, petroglyphs artwork, a "heiau" religious site, fishponds, and a "holua" stone slide.
Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-010 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-011 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-012
It's also not uncommon to spot a few green sea turtles swimming in the waters around the Honokohau Marina or basking on the small beaches at either end of the harbor. (Local law prohibits approaching or bothering the protected green sea turtles.)
Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-013 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-014 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-015
Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-016 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-017 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-018

Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-019 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-020 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-021
Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-022 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-023 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-024
Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-025 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-026 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-027
Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-028 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-029 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-030
Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-031 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-032 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-033
Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-034 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-035 Honokohau-Marina-Small-Boat-Harbor-Kailua-Kona-Big-Island-Hawaii-036
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