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Hotel Rumi Punku - Cusco City, Peru, South America
Pictures and visitor information from a stay at the Hotel Rumi Punku located in Cusco City, Peru, South America.

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Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-001 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-002 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-003
Hotel Rumi Punku is a family owned accomodation located just a few blocks from Cusco City's main square called Plaza de Armas.

The hotel's name means stone doorway or entrance in Quechua which is the language of the Incans still spoken in Peru.

Hotel Rumi Punku has 40 rooms that range in price from $70 USD to $160 USD. They all include their own private bathroom (A.K.A. "en suite"), telephone, cable TV, heating, 24 hour hot/cold water, and Norwegian thermal blankets.

Some of the other features of the hotel include free internet access, a breakfast room, a fireplace lounge, free safe deposit boxes, luggage storage, sauna, jacuzzi, and a gym.

The hotel is located at Choquechaca # 339, Cusco, Peru. To reach the staff by phone, call +51 84 236 957.

This hotel was chosen as a great place to get acclimated to the high elevation before going on the hike to Machu Picchu.

Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-004 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-005 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-006
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-007 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-008 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-009
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-010 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-011 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-012
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-013 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-014 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-015
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-016 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-017 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-018
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-019 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-020 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-021
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-022 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-023 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-024

Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-025 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-026 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-027
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-028 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-029 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-030
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-031 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-032 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-033
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-034 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-035 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-036
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-037 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-038 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-039
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-040 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-041 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-042
Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-043 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-044 Hotel-Rumi-Punku-Cusco-City-Peru-045
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