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Puca Pucara Red Fort Incan Ruins - Cusco, Peru
Pictures and visitor information from a trip to the Puca Pucara Red Fort Inca ruins located near Cusco city, Peru.

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Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-001 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-002 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-003
The Puca Pucara or "Red Fort" ruins are located in the Sacsayhuaman Archeological Park about eight kilometers from the city of Cusco.

These ruins aren't the most impressive in the region, but the sight offers excellent views of Cuzco valley and glacier formations to the south.

It's believed that Puca Pucara or "Puka Pukara" was an Incan military checkpoint in between Cusco and Antisuyo.

Some of the features of the fort include watchtowers, very high walls, aqueducts, warehouse rooms, and a series of rectangular containment structures.

This is one of the nearby attractions that you can see before starting the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-004 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-005 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-006
Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-007 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-008
3765 Meters Altitude
Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-010 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-011
Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-013 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-014 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-015

Aqueduct System
Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-017 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-018
Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-019 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-020 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-021
Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-022 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-023 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-024
Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-025 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-026 Puca-Pucara-Red-Fort-Incan-Ruins-Cusco-Peru-027
Donkey & Dog
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