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Senor Aji Restaurant - Plaza de Armas, Cusco, Peru
Pictures and visitor information from a meal at the Senor Aji Restaurant located at the Plaza De Armas in Cusco, Peru.

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Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-001 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-002 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-003
Senor Aji is a small restaurant that overlooks the Plaza de Armas main square of Cusco City, Peru.

Some of the smaller two person tables are outside on a balcony with windows that afford a great view of the plaza and the Santo Domingo Convent.

It's a great place to enjoy a Cusquena, a popular Peruvian made beer, while watching the city's residents passing through the town square.

I'd recommend having the llama meat sandwich with French fries and a fresh salad.

Senor Aji Restaurant is located at Portal Comercio # 129, Plaza de Armas, Cusco City, Peru. For reservations, call 051 084 235315.

Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-004 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-005 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-006
Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-007 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-008 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-009
Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-010 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-011 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-012

Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-013 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-014 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-015
Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-016 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-017 Senor-Aji-Restaurant-Plaza-De-Armas-Cusco-Peru-018
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