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Lettuce Lake Park - Tampa, FL
Pictures, a video clip, and visitor info from a trip to Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida.

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Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-043 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-044 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-045

Monarch Butterfly
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-047 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-048
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-050 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-051
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-052 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-053
Isis Bird
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-055 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-056 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-057
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-058 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-059 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-060
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-061 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-062
Wild Turkeys
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-064 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-065 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-066

Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-067 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-068 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-069
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-070 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-071 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-072
Lettuce Lake Park Video Clip - Tampa, FL
Florida Alligator
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-074 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-075
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-076 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-077
Observation Tower
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-079 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-080 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-081
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