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Maravu Beverly Beach - Taveuni Island, Fiji
Pictures and visitor info from several trips to Maravu Resort Beach near Beverly's Campground in Matei, Taveuni Island.

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Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-001 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-002 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-003
During our ten night stay at Bibi's Hideaway, we visited Maravu Beach almost every day to go for a swim in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and to snorkel with the colorful tropical fish.

Maravu Beach is also known as Maravu Resort Beach, Beverly's Campground Beach and Maravu's Beverly Beach.

This beach is located just a few minutes walking distance from the Bibi's Hideaway entrance. After you exit Bibi's gate, turn left on the road. (Turn right when exiting Coconut Grove Resort)Then walk down the hill past Maravu Resort until you see a small red bridge that crosses over a ditch in the sand.

There is a small covered shelter where you can hang your shirt, bag or other personal items. Further to the left is the beach area in front of Beverly's Campground. To the right past the large tree is the Maravu Resort Beach.

Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-004 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-005 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-006
We found that Maravu Beach was great for swimming, watching the sunset, relaxing on the sand and snorkeling. But be sure to also check out Prince Charles Beach located just a few minutes further down the road. Some days the visibility and variety of aquatic life was much better over at Prince Charles Beach compared to Maravu Beach.
Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-007 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-008 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-009
We never attempted to use the Maravu Resort facilities such as their beach chairs out of respect for the guests of that hotel. Although I hardly ever saw any hotel staff anywhere near the beach area and only a few actual guests of the hotel during our visit in June, which is in Fiji's high season.
Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-010 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-011 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-012
If you continue walking to the left along the beach, you'll pass a few tents on Beverly's Campground and eventually reach some large rocks. On the top of the cliff is the Tramonto Restaurant (great pizza and cold beer) and just past the rocks you'll see the golden brown sands of Prince Charles Beach. It's easier and safer to reach Prince Charles Beach by walking along the road rather than traversing the rocks.
Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-013 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-014 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-015
Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-016 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-017 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-018
Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-019 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-020 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-021

Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-022 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-023 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-024
Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-025 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-026 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-027
Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-028 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-029 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-030
Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-031 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-032 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-033
Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-034 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-035 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-036
Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-037 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-038 Maravu-Resort-Beverlys-Campground-Beach-Taveuni-Fiji-039
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