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South Sea Cruises - Port Denarau To Amunuca Resort
Pictures, a video, and visitor info from a trip on South Sea Cruises from Port Denarau to Amunuca Resort, Tokoriki Island, Fiji.

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South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-001 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-002 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-003
To get from Port Denarau on the main Fijian island of Viti Levu to the Amunuca Island Resort, we booked round trip transfers on the South Sea Cruises ferry boat.

The total cost of both two hour boat rides was about $440 FJD or $220 USD, which is $120 USD per person or $60 USD per person each way.

Before the ferry left just after 9 AM we chose seats in the open air section of the rear of the boat.

You get a better view of the various islands that the ferry passes by sitting outside, but you're also subjected to the heat of the sun for two hours.

I'd recommend wearing sun block or sitting inside the covered area of the boat if possible.

South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-004 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-005 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-006
I'm not sure exactly which islands or resorts we passed on the way to Tokoriki Island, but according to the time table we should have gone by quite a few. Some of them include South Sea Island, Bounty Island, Beachcomber Island, Treasure Island, Navini Island Resort, Vomo Island Resort, Tavarua Island Resort, Reef House, Plantation Island Resort, Walu Beach Resort, Musket Cove Island Resort, Funky Fish Resort, Malolo Island Resort, Lomani Island Resort, Likuliu Island Resort, Wadigi Island, and Castaway Island.
South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-007 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-008 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-009
South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-010 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-011 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-012
I captured a few short video clips during our ride on the South Sea Cruises ferry boat. To view the video clip, click on the blue link below. To download the movie file, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

South Sea Cruises - Port Denarau To Amunuca Resort Video Clip

South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-013 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-014 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-015
South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-016 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-017 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-018
South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-019 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-020 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-021
South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-022 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-023 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-024
South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-025 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-026 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-027

South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-028 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-029 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-030
South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-031 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-032
Small Transfer Boat
South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-034 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-035 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-036
South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-037 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-038 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-039
South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-040 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-041 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-042
Resort Luggage Boat
Tokoriki Island
When we arrived at Tokoriki Island, the site of Amunuca Resort, a small covered boat came to pick up our luggage and then another boat came to ferry the resort guests to the beach. The Amunuca Resort staff welcomed us with a lively song on the beach while we made our way up to the open air hotel lobby.
Amunuca Resort
South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-047 South-Sea-Cruises-Denarau-To-Tokoriki-Island-048
Amunuca Welcome Song
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